We have seen it happen again.

This time in Charleston, South Carolina. This time in a church with people praying and studying Bible.

This time at the hands of a man who, according to accounts, said he entered the church to kill black people.

And, of course, he had a gun.

When will it stop?

When we will finally and effectively address the issue of guns in the hands of people who have criminal records, or who are unstable, or who embrace violence?

It is long since time.

I have had the privilege of visiting the beautiful city of Charleston on two different occasions. It is called “the holy city” because of its history of tolerance of different religious faiths and its beautiful and historic places of worship.

Now, it is known for another reason. A reason which brings tears to our eyes and pain to our hearts.

Let it also bring all of us the courage and determination to face the issue of violence and hatred and heal our land.

May the souls of those who were brutally murdered rest in peace and be for a blessing.

May their families find comfort and may they find peace.

May we not rest until we bring an end to this horror.


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